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One of the best opportunities for service to Greater Mt. Zion Church is to join one of our ministry committees.  Our staff  has formed several ministries in order to accomplish the work of the church.  Each ministry is led by a member, and every ministry member serves on one of the committees.  In addition to ministry members, each committee is comprised of other members of the church.  

All of the committees would welcome new members to the committee to help them accomplish the work of the church.  The committees would love to hear from you and help you find the right place for you to work.  Please contact us so you can find out where you would like to serve.


The purpose of the Outreach Ministry is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone we meet; through personal witnessing, and the sharing the Word of God.  To provide spiritual, educational, and social events and activities throughout the community that will promote Godly relationships.  To equip individuals to serve one another; first within their families, communities, our nation, and throughout the world.


Responding to the spiritual needs of young people is about building trusting relationships. The GMZ Youth Ministry strives to walk with young people on their journeys from childhood to adulthood, recognizing their gifts for ministry, their questions about spirituality, and their desire to make a difference in the world. GMZ Youth is grounded in building churchwide networks to invite, inspire, affirm, and equip youth for discipleship and Christian leadership in their lives and their communities.


The Women's Ministry at GMZ is for all women - no matter your age, background or life stage. We want to meet ladies right where they are and come along side them - encouraging, supporting, praying and equipping them in their journey with God. We want to grow our faith and demonstrate His love and grace through our lives and relationships. We want deeper, Christ-centered relationships with each other through women's small groups, prayer meetings, fellowships and mentoring.  We want to encourage and equip women to faithfully and fully use their God-given gifts to glorify God.  As we worship and serve the Lord together, we want every woman to feel loved and accepted for who she is in Christ so that she is transformed and empowered to live out Christ's love and grace.


Sometimes a pastor may find himself in a position where he is burdened and emotionally drained. After giving so much of himself to others, he may desire someone to pour back into him. It is for this reason that pastor's aide committees exist, also referred to as pastor's aide ministries.


Putting our faith into action is at the very heart of our Christian calling. By volunteering to serve through programs such as GMZ Helping Hands or any of our ministries, every person in the church has the opportunity to serve and to live their calling more faithfully.

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